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Not All Roads Lead To Gold

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“Not All Roads Lead to Gold” is a book that tells a story that answers the “Why?” Why should I do something that doesn’t always end with a Gold Medal? Is the journey worth the time, energy, and pain.  

As Tom Ryan (author of Chosen Suffering) emphatically stated when learning of the 15 year battle and rivalry with World Champion and Olympic Silver Medalist Dennis Hall, and the 16 brutal years training at the Olympic level, “I had no idea, people need to know this.” 

Sports and wrestling enthusiasts admire athletes such as Jordan Burroughs or Kyle Snyder who are multiple World and Olympic Medalists and Champions, but so many more can relate to a story that is more aligned with those who do not reach superstar status. 

The cover clearly portrays the highs and lows of sports, Tom Ryan's Foreword introduces the content perfectly, the rest is a story of persistence through pain, perseverance through defeat, and faith that defines.

Ultimately, I hope to encourage others that a worthy journey should be walked regardless of the accolades, and the importance of others, family and faith.

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